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About Curtin Hebert Machines

  Located in Gloversville, NY USA, Curtin-Hebert Company has designed and manufactured precision surface finishing and grinding machinery for over 130 years. The original precision sanding machine was used for sueding leather. From leather sueding, the equipment evolved to textile sanding and grinding for rubber and other non metallic materials to precision tolerances. We now design and manufacture precision sanders and deburring and surface finishing machinery for many industries.

  Our deburring and surface finishing machines are used in the automotive, aerospace, computer and other hi-tech applications where clean, deburred surfaces are extremely critical. The precision grinders are used extensively for close tolerance sanding and grinding applications such as gaskets, printers blanket, fuel cells, electrical insulation materials, CMP pads, transmission pads and others.

  All machinery built by Curtin-Hebert is of the highest quality and built to last with cast frames and a limited amount of moving parts that can breakdown. A Curtin-Hebert machine is one of the best investments in equipment your company can make.

  Currently, we have custom-built precision sanders in over 58 countries around the world.

  Curtin-Hebert offers all of its potential customers aid in their Research and Development projects by providing a complete working lab. Please visit our “Production Equipment” page to view our list of our machines. All R&D projects are free of charge when considering a machine purchase. We look forward to working with you on all your finishing endeavors.

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